Viscount aerolite caravan specifications

There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time. Thankfully, there are many Viscount caravan parts and accessories available, both OEM and aftermarket. While needing a window knob or lock may be a small issue, having a replacement certainly helps you enjoy caravan trips more.

Will Viscount Caravans be resurrected?

Look for replacement knobs, locks and handles to keep your caravan secure and fun to use. Other caravan accessories include Viscount logos and decals. From time to time, you may need other campervan parts, such as awningscamping gear, refrigeratorspropane or gas, or caravan covers. There are many Viscount parts available, made specifically for your caravan.

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Viscount Aerolite 1985 Poptop

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Make Offer - Retro Caravan - Registered. Other Motorhome Accessories From time to time, you may need other campervan parts, such as awningscamping gear, refrigeratorspropane or gas, or caravan covers.

Shop by Category. Buying format see all. All Listings. Best Offer. Buy It Now. Classified Ads. Product Type see all.Changed my plans to make a glide-on for the back of my Rodeo. I want to start travelling next year So my intention now is to buy a caravan around the 14ft mark. Better on my poor old knees too. They're playing up quite often and climbing up into a glide-on is possibly not a long term option.

I also like space. After the cramped conditions of the Kombi, to be able to stand up straight would be a blessed relief. The Millard also seems to be a good sturdy van. Not so stylish in my price range as I'll have to go an earlier model, but some of the internal designs of the earlier ones are well thought out. I have a fairly good eye from an automotive prospective, but know little about what to look for when purchasing a caravan. I've searched the threads and found some good info. Looks like leaks are fairly common, cracked chassis members obviously and wear and tear.

I suppose brakes and wheel bearings are something to look at straight after purchase. I can't very well ask the seller to "whip the brake drums off! As this van will be primarily for my use, with the occasional "passenger" I really don't mind going a bit smaller than 14ft.

If anybody has a good, clean van and is thinking of updating or going bigger, then please let me know. I'd prefer a pop-top, but would consider a solid frame too. Proud owner of an 3lt turbo diesel Rodeo. Van will be next!! Hi Aime, there are plenty of good second hand vans about and it looks like you know what you are after and what "faults" to look out for.

Regarding Aero Lite vans our in-laws had one may years ago and they off loaded it because of the chassis. Good luck in finding your dream home on wheels.

S0rry for this messy post But i am not used to posting links, Amember of the van club i am in has updated to a bigger van and they were selling the old one, I do not know the asking price?? Thanks Dazren. The link won't work for me as I'm not a member of FB. When trying to sign up with them some times ago, they wanted to know too much personal stuff and I don't trust what they do with that information. I know half the world is using FB, but I'm firmly in the other half Thanks for the thought though.

One thing I must make clear is that I'm not in a position to purchase until after Easter for financial reasons. I'm just putting feelers out in case somebody has been thinking of updating for awhile, but is prepared to wait until well into the new year if a firm offer was made.Few caravan brands have the name recognition of Viscount.

At the height of its popularity, the late s, it was by a wide margin the biggest selling caravan brand in Australia.

Many families would have fond memories of foreshore holidays in a Viscount and, indeed, many of these vans remain on the road. It was with some delight, then, that we learned the name was being given a new lease on life by the Concept group of companies. Viscount has made its return with five different layouts and sizes initially available — we hooked-up the tandem-axle V3 for a shakedown run in country Victoria.

Principally, the new Viscounts are all about value for money. But anyone expecting touches of nostalgia, or a throwback to the Viscounts of yore, in the new vans will be disappointed. Modern styling and construction are the orders of the day. Our V3, with its high-profile aluminium cladding and 3mm-thick composite aluminium front, rear and roof, was the definition of contemporary caravanning.

The V3 rides on a 6in Preston SupaGal chassis, with a 6in A-frame, and Al-Ko beam-axle roller-rocker suspension, with 15in alloy wheels and all terrain tyres. The underpinnings certainly appear solid but, being a bitumen-based touring caravan, there is some exposed plumbing at the rear. Now, this van was unladen at the time, and it does have a fairly light ball weight of kg at Tare so with some water in the tanks — which are both mounted forward of the axles — and some gear in the boot, etc.

The V3 has a Tare weight of kg, quite reasonable considering its size and spec-level. The ATM of kg gives the van a payload capacity of kg which, again, is a reasonable figure. For its price point, the V3 covers more than the basics. In lieu of a front boot, the V3 gets a gal-lined tunnel. With its L of fresh water, W roof-mounted solar panel and Ah deep-cycle battery, which can also be charged off the tow vehicle via the supplied Anderson plug, there should be no reason to hurry back to town.

Overall, the fit and finish of the Viscount V3 is of a high standard.

viscount aerolite caravan specifications

I saw no rough edges or unsightly joinery. However, one problem was actually pointed out to me by the manufacturer: the water filter cartridge under the sink was blocked by the hot water service.At one time it was a powerhouse in Australian manufacturing, producing seven out of every 10 caravans on the market.

It even owned the second most well-known brand in the country — Millard, at one point. Although all dynasties must come to an end and Viscountfrom its lofty heights of the early s, never recovered after a few bad decisions. Still, the name was in use well into the s until the then-owner was barred by ASIC from owning a company. After that the name was aquired by a third-party when the trademark lapsed, and it was sat on for years.

Until this year, actually, when Concept Caravans bought it and resurrected one of the greatest names in Aussie caravanning apart from ROAM, of course. So, here I am, in one of the first Viscounts to roll of its new production line, to find out two things — is it anything like the Viscounts of old, and more importantly, is it any good?

It rides atop load-levelling leaf springs and has a reasonably light ball-weight of kg, which gives it plenty of room to be loaded up forward of the axle. There are three Vs to the new Viscount range, largely separated by length and chassis dimentions. The V1 is just 5. The only aberration in the line-up is the V2 family version, which is the longest of the lot, but sat on the 4inch chassis.

The V2 is purely an on-road van, though. On road, though, the V2 tows great. At camp, the Viscount offers everything you need and more than I was expecting, really. The slimmer fridge about half the width of a traditional onemeans more bench-space further down. The fridge itself is quite good, too. One thing the kitchen nay, the van is missing, is shelves. While all of the cabinetry looks great and is excellently presented, opening any of the doors reveals quite large, open spaces that would be a nightmare to organise.

And surely in a CNC machined cabinetry shop, shelves for eight cabinets would cost less than a ceramic, counter top basin with a stainless steel, designer tap. Saying that, the ensuite is nice. I slept quite well on it. Around the bed head is the stock-standard hanging robes, overhead cabinets and narrow drawers.

Both sides also have cubby holes which have a power point in them and reading lights for him and her. To get to either side you have to squeeze past the dinette or kitchen by doing an awkward sideways waddle. There are other comforts on board, too. Which is a longwinded way of answering question two — is it any good?

Yep, the new Viscount is pretty good. The van is well made, tows fine, is reasonably comfortable and well-priced. The answer to question one is a little harder, though — is it anything like the old Viscounts? There are certainly some similarities. This new one is, maybe, a little more-fancy than what the everyman needs, but it comes pretty close. I like that.

Timber framing, while serviceable, is an old way of building vans and has too much potential for trouble, down the track. Those stripes are iconic. All that said, I fall back on my answer to question two. Hard to argue with that. Not all that happy with the new Viscount!

viscount aerolite caravan specifications

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.Diagnosing caravan problems might seem like a simple thing. Unfortunately, there is a whole lot more to it than that.

So we are going to look at the most common things that go wrong with a van and give you a simple run sheet of things to look out for. Aside from bearings, brakes, tyres and the running lights — which should be checked every time the van is used — the rest of the checks here are really only necessary every six months or so.

The typical caravan chassis is built from boxed-section steel rails with cross beams and an A-frame welded to them. Some have risers, others have an A-frame truss or use C-section steel but all can give trouble.

The main thing to look for with a caravan chassis is for damage such as cracking in the steel at stress points or weld points, and damage due to corrosion. Checking for cracks requires you to look very carefully and methodically at the chassis rails, as they may not be obvious. If the van looks to be sagging in one corner, then it may be the chassis.

Some caravans, such as the Viscount Aerolite, are renowned for having problems in this area. If you see chassis cracking, you should seek expert advice as quickly as possible and avoid towing the van. Corrosion is not often bad enough to do anything but blister under the paint and look unsightly — a quick scrub with a wire brush and a new coat of paint will normally fix that.

viscount aerolite caravan specifications

It is more often the permanent vans on coastal sites exposed to sea air for decades that will have a chassis so badly corroded that it is ready to crumble into a pile of ferrous oxide.

If you are looking to buy a van that you suspect has spent a long time by the sea, be very careful. Caravan suspension is typically a beam axle sprung with leaf springs. Others have coils or torsion bar suspension and the independent trailing arm suspension seen often in newer offroad vans will sometimes have air springs. Leaf springs can break and this will usually be obvious — the van will sag at that corner.

Coil springs tend to be very reliable and, if the coil has broken, it too will be very obvious. It is not normal for a van to break a spring — overloading or hitting bumps at high speed might do it. Suspension bushes wear out and you can check them for wear by pushing the joint side to side with a screwdriver.

It should resist the movement. Wheel bearings are a common wear point. If there is movement, it suggests a loose or worn wheel bearing. The nuts holding the coupling should be checked for tightness too.

OUR DIY CAMPER KITCHEN REVEAL - How to Paint Oak Cabinets in an RV - The DIY Mommy

The rear bumper and spare tyre or tyres mounting point should be checked for fatigue cracks or damage, and the gas bottle holder also checked for cracks or damage. Override cable brakes are really simple to check for damage — the cables should not show evidence of fraying and the pivot point up near the coupling should operate smoothly. Caravan bodies are either sheeted with aluminium over timber or aluminium, or they have an interlocking composite panel construction.

The biggest potential problem any caravan body has is water leaks — it can do a lot of damage very quickly if left unchecked. Caravans were sealed with a mastic compound before silastic became popular and, over time, this material becomes hard and cracks. This is a perfect breeding ground for water leaks.

Check the J moulds and any other sealing point on the van for cracked sealer.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Shop By. Page: 1 2 Next. Do you need replacement viscount caravan decals for your trusty recreation vehicle? At Artcal, we stock a great range of brand new caravan decals that will look fantastic on your Viscount caravan.

Whether you need front and rear graphics or full kits for the models listed above, you're in luck! We have a great selection of viscount caravan decals that are made to suit caravans that date back to the s. There's nothing quite like restoring a caravan to its original condition; and part of that process involves finding original parts, or if they're not available, faithful replicas. Artcal understands the importance of having the right decals to reflect the era of your caravan, which is why we offer replica viscount caravan decals from a number of different years that reflect the changing styles and trends of past decades.

Diagnosing Caravan Problems

When you purchase caravan decals from Artcal, you can be sure they will stand the test of time. We know how harsh Australian weather can be, which is why we use the highest quality materials to manufacture our products. If you need help choosing from our excellent range of viscount caravan decals, our friendly and knowledgeable staff are also more than happy to discuss what type of decal will best suit your caravan. Place Your Order Today Browse our range of viscount caravan decals and place your order online today.

You can also give us a call on 03 to learn more about our products or obtain advice on the best decals for your needs.Viscount was, until the mids, the largest caravan manufacturer in the country, accounting for around seven out of 10 caravans rolling off production lines at its peak. Even today, an inordinate amount of Viscounts, some in very good conditions, are still rolling along the highways onto happy holidays, while most of the rest are blocked up in caravan parks as onsite vans.

Viscount ran into troubles in the mids after releasing the AeroLite caravan, which although was two or three decades ahead of its times in terms of design, failed when it came to durability, and became a major PR disaster for the once mighty firm. The company was never the same again and you can read about all that here. Concept Caravans manufactures under the Franklin and Newlands name, while the Olympic and Sunliner names are both used by modern manufacturers. The Millard nam, another of the large manufacturers of the s, 70s and 80s is also used by a Sydney manufacturer building a range of hardy off-road caravans.

Would you like to see a new Viscount Caravan on the road? What would you want it to be like? What I really would not like to see is The Viscount unique beautiful shape be modernized. I restore viscount vans. What really worries me is if they start to do that, the older ones might be neglected. I hope it never happens. Do you have any nicely done up ones for sale.

We are looking to buy one. Regards Stewart. I traveled OZ in a supreme ensuite van in to I loved every minute of it and the old girl did a great job. Resurecting the name is a good thing only if they follow the history making designs and modernise this design. Jackaroo caravans pull of a redesign of the old van with a modern twist, lets hope they can do something similar. There are so many out there and they are all producing the same thing.

What would their point of difference be? Would they introduce anything new to the market? I would be very surprised if they did. Like another contributor, I think someone is just wanting to use a well known name in order to sell caravans.

Postscript to the above, I own a I love it, it is easy to tow and you hardly notice it is hanging off the back of my Nissan Navara twin cab. The narrower width than most modern vans makes it so easy to get in and out of tight spots. Let the name Viscount rest in peace with its original owner and founder John Carr. Kind regards, Ray McCoy. As the family grew the Van grew from a single axle 4 birth up to the last viscount we owned a twin axle 8 birth with full Annex. This Van was the most lux of vans we had ever owned.

When our family moved from the coast to the country there was a delay with moving into the house on the hobby farm property my parents bought. So this family of 7 ended up living in our Viscount for 6 mths on the property.